XL Energy Drink

Item: XL Energy drink
Size: 330ml/355ml Bottles
Packaging: 24 Bottles per Case
Alcohol Content (%): 0
Flavor: Multi Flavors available
Customized packaging(Available)
Shipment in 20ft / 40ft containers available

Minimum Order: 1 x 20 feet Container.

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XL Energy Drink Wholesale

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Prices for XL Energy Drink in bulk is lightly carbonated and pleasant, with a classic flavor and a surge of energy. The drink has the impact of enhancing focus, alertness, and response time in the body and mind. XL Energy Drink is a great alternative to coffee that helps you reach your goals every day. Suppliers of XL Energy Drinks
We all need a little boost from time to time, whether we’re hitting the gym hard, working late, or herding the kids on a busy weekend. XL Energy is a lightly carbonated and delicious energy drink with a classic flavour. The drink has the impact of enhancing focus, alertness, and response time in the body and mind. XL Energy Packs are a great alternative to coffee that can help you reach your goals every day.

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XL Energy Drink – A carbonated beverage containing taurine, caffeine, and vitamins that is advised for people who are engaging in intense mental and physical activity. Caffeine level is high; it is not suggested for youngsters, pregnant or breast-feeding women, or caffeine-sensitive adults. Content of caffeine (32 mg/100 ml). Do not combine with alcoholic beverages. Pasteurised. See the bottom of the can for the best before date and LOT No. Keep the container dry, cold, and dark.


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