Cernova trading is passionate about helping your business succeed.

Our vision is simple: as your first choice business partner, we harness the collective scale and strength of the group to negotiate the strongest deals and most competitive prices to deliver outstanding service for our wholesale members, independent retailers, out of home operatives and supplier partners, helping them to save more and sell more.
With a turnover exceeding £22bn, Cernova trading is one of the worlds largest wholesale services company and prides itself on being the champion of independents and the champion of brands.


We humbly serve the needs of businesses throughout the planet. We provide outstanding service to all our customers. worldwide.


We can handle everything from import requirements, freight forwarding, U.S. Customs, unloading, storage, and distribution in the U.S.


Our freight management partners are equipped with temperature-controlled shipping. We provide a high level of expertise in moving refrigerated and frozen commodities .


Cernova Trading is your trusted partner, flexible to its clients’ needs, providing a custom solution with all the services you require.


With large-scale system and a professional management team, we quickly responds to fluctuations in volumes & growing distribution requirements.


We provide outstanding service to customers and vendors. We can assist you in meeting the needs for your business.

What our customers think

Purchasing wholesale with Cernova trading keeps you in front of your customers on a monthly basis so they can see what’s new and what you have to offer, especially with new trends. Everyone is always looking for new products that will increase sales and you can find them in the Cernova trading.
Joanna Spence
This company has the best sales and service. They have a first class management team and a prompt, knowledgeable sales team that keeps me informed of the latest products. The loads from their warehouse are really well organized. That and the prompt, courteous helpful drivers make all the difference.
Jason Miles
I like to buy my energy drinks from you because you always carry the brand I want. Your service is very good and 99% of the time you have the product I need. The Company has always had the best deals with a Sales Rep always there to help with professional service. Thank you for being here!
Lukas Buffet

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