Rooted in the Pacific Northwest, Cernova trading  is a family-owned Organic food and wholesale bulk beverage suppliers that incorporates humanity into the business relationship. We choose our products carefully, considering the sustainability of manufacturing practices, ingredients, and nutritional value. Cernova trading serves people and, like a pioneer, seeks to sip the nectar of the earth without harming the flower.
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wholesale bulk beverage suppliers

Bulk Soft Drinks

Shop our complete selection of bulk soft drinks  from top brands like coca-cola, Pepsi, Fanta & more at the most competitive prices

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Our confectionery section is packed full of tempting sweets and chocolate treats that are guaranteed to leave your customers satisfied.

wholesale bulk beverage suppliers

Bulk Energy Drinks

Buy energy drinks in bulk and get the best deals at the lowest prices. Get top brands including monster, score, powerade, redbull & more.


Customers reviews

Since a few years ago I have been looking for where to buy energy drinks in bulk and bulk buy soft drinks. Since I found your website, you since been my favorite wholesale bulk beverage suppliers when buying energy drinks in bulk or buy bulk soft drinks. I don't need to look for another seller because this one is great, quick, and easy to work with
wholesale bulk beverage suppliers
Mike Johnson
After my bulk energy drinks order, Items from this wholesale energy drink suppliers were packed well enough to keep them from getting damaged . Exactly what was advertised when was looking to buy energy drinks in bulk. Will probably try to buy bulk soft drinks or bulk buy drinks because of this
wholesale bulk beverage suppliers
Mila Kunis
I can't find these energy drinks in bulk anywhere. But the good thing with this wholesale drinks suppliers, you have a wide variety of wholesale energy drinks if you want to bulk buy energy drink. The energy drinks bulk order came in a lot earlier than the due date and with no damages. It came just as we thought it would!! Thanks again!
wholesale bulk beverage suppliers
Ryan Santos

Shipping International?

By sea, road or air we will get your order to your destination. We supply more than 60 countries around the world. To learn more, leave us a message on the contact page


At Cernovo trading LLC, our goal is simple: to give our valued clients the best food brands and wholesale energy drinks brands on the market. Our professional staff goes the extra mile to meet the needs of each customer when you buy wholesale soft drinks
or bulk buy energy drink. We want to make sure you’re happy, and we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for on our website by being honest and helpful.

Cernova Trading is able to respond quickly to constantly changing orders, distribution needs, and the needs of dynamic inventory management because it has a large infrastructure and a team of professionals.

The number of people who buy drinks in bulk & food items is always going up. With more varied eating habits, more international products are being bought today. We have a lot of experience, which means we can meet the specific needs of this industry.

Cernova trading isn’t just a normal wholesale bulk beverage suppliers; we can help with everything from importing to sales strategies and everything in between to get your products on the shelf and ready to sell.

One of our main goals is to improve and make our ordering and distribution systems better.

We work to improve the efficiency of our delivery fleet, and we support our employees’ efforts to reduce the amount of energy they use for transportation. We try to cut down on our carbon emissions by finding better ways to move people and goods by sea, rail, and road.

With the opening of new markets, the arrival of new players, and the creation of new rules for the export of perishable goods, it’s up to professionals to come up with the best ways to get all the goods where they need to go. Food safety rules are strict when it comes to fragile or quickly-spoiled items, and the cold chain needs to be well-planned and transparent at every step.

Get in touch today if you want to know more or have general questions.

We are a trusted partner who can adapt to the needs of its clients and offer a custom solution with as few or as many services as you need. You need an experienced partner who understands your needs and speaks your language. This is because you have to follow rules about food safety and keep temperatures under tight control.

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